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Le 28 December 2015, 17:17 dans Humeurs 0

Proper Golf Attire for Cold Weather

President Woodrow Wilson famously played golf in the snow using black golf balls. Few golfers are that dedicated, but cold weather doesn have to keep you off the golf course. The key is knowing how to dress. Heavy winter clothing and thick gloves will hinder your ability to swing a club. Proper cold weather golf attire provides full body warmth and protection from the elements while allowing you to make a relatively free balenciaga outlet golf swing.

Toasty Toes

You must keep your feet warm and dry. For foot protection, start with an extra pair of socks for warmth. Both pairs of socks have to be thin enough when worn together that your shoes will fit comfortably over them. The shoes you wear during summer months might not provide the protection you need in cold weather. To keep moisture out, and heat in, choose a pair of allweather or winter golf shoes that feature a water resistant, synthetic upper or a waterproof lining.

Long Johns and Beyond

Wearing layers of light, loose clothing play will make it possible to swing freely, and allow you to shed layers if the weather warms up. Start with thermal undergarments. These don have to oldfashioned log johns, but thin, snugfitting compression shirts and pants. They'll provide insulation close to your skin without restricting your motion. On top of them, add heavy golf trousers, a shirt or two and sweater. A pair of rain pants will also give you some protection from the wind and low temps. As a final layer, you may find a wind and waterproof vest allows for more freedom than a jacket.

Warm Hands cheap balenciaga handbags

Numb hands won function well during a round of golf, but it hard to hold a club while wearing heavy gloves or mittens. Some golfers are comfortable wearing allweather or winter gloves on both hands, and some are not. As an alternative, try a pair of cart gloves or mittens that fit comfortably over your regular handwear. You simply pull the gloves off to play a shot, then slip them back on.

Hot Heads


In cold weather, your body rapidly loses heat from the top of your head. You'll need some kind of cap to help keep in the heat. The best choice in very cold weather may be a ski cap. While not as fashionable as a baseballstyle hat, the ski cap will keep from leaking heat. You may also want to experiment with a winter golf hat that features ear flaps you can pull down or roll up for comfort.

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Prom Dresses

Proms first began in the elite colleges of the Northeast, taking their cue from the debutante balls of the rich and balenciaga outlet well bred. Middle class parents admired the poise and composure of debutantes and their escorts and began to institute formal dances as a means of instilling social skills and etiquette in their children. The dances were strictly chaperoned and were often restricted to only the senior class.

The formal dance we now call prom was first christened "the prom" in the 1890s. The word prom is a shortened form of promenade, meaning a march of the guests at the beginning of a ball or other formal event.

The first reference to prom in popular history comes from the journal of an Amherst College student who described his invitation and attendance at an early prom at Smith College in 1894. Prom, while important in the college setting, would fail to take on iconic status until it emerged in high schools.

When high school proms began in the early 1900s, they were relatively simple affairs. Students would come in their Sunday best, but would not purchase new clothes for the event. The occasion called for tea, socializing, and dancing. During the 1920s and 1930s, American youth began to experience more freedom with the arrival cheap balenciaga bags of the car and other luxury items. The high school prom expanded into a yearly class banquet at which seniors arrived in party clothes and danced.

In the 1950s, as Americans enjoyed the luxury of the postwar economy, proms began to become elaborate, expensive events.

It became very important to come with the bestlooking date, and being named to the prom court guaranteed instant social status. It was also during the 1950s that teenage girls began to pay more attention to their prom dresses and make special shopping trips for the perfect outfit. While the high school gym was adequate for sophomore dances, the settings of junior and seniors proms were gradually moved to grander locations.

In the 1980s, the prom began to take on largerthanlife stature, as several teen movies advertised it as the ultimate comingofage event in a young person's life. Competition for the prom court intensified greatly, with the title of prom queen becoming closely akin to true royalty.

Prom had become a climactic point in a teenager's life, the moment when fantasies and relationships either blossomed or disintegrated.

Today's proms have become expensive, allnight affairs, with afterprom activities often extending into the dawn of the next day. Stretch Hummers, fancy dresses, and glamorous ballrooms are now promnight standards. Still, the prom has begun to relax a little in its dating requirements. While tradition still dictates that a boy ask a girl to the prom, more and more girls are beginning to take their prom destinies into their own hands and do the asking. Nontraditional couples are also becoming a more common sight at the prom. In practically every way, prom has moved beyond the days of strictly chaperoned, etiquette banquets to glamorous extravaganzas where nearly anything goes.

We have seen it all before, the fabulous prom dresses parading up the red carpet of thousands of schools. The sensational colours that only prom girls can really get away with. However a classic colour is back with a vengeance this year. Black is back in a big way and not just in the 'safe' styles of the Little black dress that we all know. It is back and being used in the more formal bigger prom dresses.

The useful thing about black dresses is that they tend to accessorize well with anything, again the dress from Minx has some silver bead work that compliments the style beautifully, add a silver clutch bag, some silver jewellery and a pair of silver sandals and the look is complete, classy, sophisticated and stylish, what more could a woman ask for.


In our opinion, black will continue to be around for many years, it is refreshing to see it being used in a different sector such as prom, all that's needed now is a good tan; but that's always the case!